Create a workflow with your tasks and the data you want to collect


Run multiple instances of your workflow


Track progress and reported improvement opportunities


Handle reported deviations to improve the workflow


Easy to use digital workflows

Document, run, track and improve your workflows, procedures and checklists throughout your whole organization.

Capture the data that is important for you using a wide array of data types. To-do's, text, dropdowns or photos? AmpliFlow got you covered.

make it easy to

Document, track and report your work

Map workflows, procedures and checklists and get live documentation that your employees will actually use. Whether it comes from their mobile, pc or tablet.

  • Perform work the right way every time

  • Stop using Word templates

  • Free up time for team leaders and foremen

  • Track the status of all ongoing work

enable continous improvement with

Smart and easy deviation management

Maximize efficiency and harness the collective brainpower from your organization with standard compliant deviation management features.

  • Make sure employees actually report deviations and improvement suggestions

  • Make it easy to report your deviations to management

  • Enable continuous improvement for your organization - and get results


Affordable and easy to understand

  • Cloud based

  • Scalable

  • Swedish Craftsmanship


Everything from the AmpliFied plan

Dedicated account rep

Extended SLA

On-boarding services

LOB Integrations


Pay by Invoice


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