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Consulting and IT-systems that will get you ready for ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and/or 45001 (occupational health and safety) certification and transform your business.
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✔️ Expert management consultants (20+ years experience) guide you from idea to certification
✔️ Smart IT tools reduce 50% of the project time and up to 55% of documentation
✔️ Focus on developing your business, not just achieving certification

Easy to Establish

Support from the idea to certification, including establishing a management system, mapping out processes, and preparing for audits.

Understanding Requirements

Help with understanding and meeting requirements from ISO standards, such as customer requirements management, stakeholder needs, environmental aspects, and legislation.


With us, you get a revolution in how your company operates. Not just ISO certification. Change your entire business, improve employee motivation, and create a solid foundation for continuous improvements.

20+ years of experience in management systems and IT

The combination of experience and our self-developed IT systems enables faster and more efficient results.
Less Documentation
Faster Implementation Project
Faster Management Team Meetings

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We pondered a lot whether we should invest in a management system while we were still building our company but, in hindsight, it was the right decision. We quickly realized the advantages it would bring to get good digital tools to constantly develop our business. AmpliFlow's well-thought-out digital management system, their support in strategy work, and their ability to immerse themselves in Friday and truly be a partner instead of just acting as a supplier have helped us take the next step as a business.

Peter Carlsson

Head of Sales, Friday

We are very satisfied with our digital management system - it really makes it easier to lead the business and that important information is easily accessible. AmpliFlow, which knows both management systems and IT, is a perfect collaboration partner. They have helped us with a smooth and logical structure with precisely the IT tools you need to go through a certification audit and expert knowledge about how we can make our business more efficient and improve our environmental and climate impact.

Meysam Saidzadeh


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Gent Doe

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Project Process

This is how a project proceeds over 6 - 12 months when you choose to go towards ISO certification with us.

1. Introduction to the ISO project

We start by giving an introduction to the project to all staff at the customer's company. This includes a presentation of the ISO standards and how they will be implemented in the organization. At the same time, we set up and configure the customer's AmpliFlow environment.

2. Establishment/adaptation of the intranet

We assist the customer in establishing or adapting an existing intranet and review and adapt the collaborative structure in Microsoft Teams to ensure efficient internal communication and collaboration throughout the customer's company.

3. Information and Document Control

Our team, in collaboration with the customer's project team, works to implement a structure for information and document control in accordance with the ISO standards.

4. Stakeholder Management

When a management system is to be developed that meets all the requirements of a management system standard e.g. ISO 9001, the creation of a stakeholder analysis is one of the first activities carried out. Here, stakeholders' interests and expectations are identified, analyzed, and managed.

5. Process Mapping

Together with the customer's management group and all staff, we map out the organization's processes and how they relate to the ISO standards.

6. Customer Requirements

We support the sales manager and the salespeople in the work of managing customer requirements and ensuring that these are met in accordance with the ISO standards.

7. Competence Management

We collaborate with the customer's HR responsible and managers to ensure that the requirements to secure competence in the company from the ISO standards are met.

8. Management of Deviations and Suggestions for Improvement

We support the management group in establishing processes to manage and follow up on deviations and suggestions for improvement to reinforce a culture of continuous improvements. As part of this step, a severity matrix is also established which becomes a red thread through several of the following points. For example, the same matrix is used to grade the severity of risks.

9. Handling of Customer Opinions and Complaints

Our quality coordination team works together with the customer's salespeople and all staff to establish processes to manage and follow up on customer opinions and complaints.

10. Risk Management

We assist the CEO and the management group in identifying, classifying, and managing both strategic and operational risks.

11. Establishment and Review of Policies

We support the CEO and the management group in establishing and revising policies in accordance with the ISO standards.

12. Compilation of Complaints and Deviations

Our quality coordination team compiles and analyzes information about complaints and deviations to ensure that the improvement process is launched and followed.

13. Internal Audits

We conduct internal audits to ensure that all ISO requirements are met and that the customer's organization is ready for certification audit and has an action plan for the way there.

14-15. Goal and Goal Management and Certification Audit Stage 1

We support the CEO and the management group in setting goals and strategies and prepare the organization for the certification audit.

16. Supplier Management

We assist the supplier coordinator and the purchasing department in establishing the process for managing and assessing suppliers in accordance with the ISO standards.

17. Crisis Management

We support the CEO and the management group in managing and preparing for potential crises related to the ISO standards.

18-19. Management Review and Certification Audit

We assist the CEO and the management group in conducting management reviews and prepare the organization for certification audit stage 2.

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ISO Maxi

Get support to establish and realize your strategy and streamline your business through process optimization and continuous improvements.

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