Document, run and monitor your processes and procedures with smart checklists

Reduce errors, improve processes and save time with digital checklists that are easy to use for everyone.

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Run a checklist that makes it clear for everyone what to do.
Create a checklist templates,.
Track progress. Handle issues. Implement improvement suggestions.
Update templates based on improvement opportunities to continuously improve.

Go digital in minutes

  • Create your own checklists or import ready to use checklists from the cloud library
  • Run, schedule or set up recurring checklists
  • Track and monitor progress with the live checklist report
  • Get immediate e-mail notifications when an improvement opportunity, non-conformity or defect is reported

Perfect if you have:

  • Repeatable processes or Standard Operating Procedures (SOP:s)
  • Processes where mistakes are costly or dangerous
  • Software, machine, or property maintenance that requires a correct worklog
  • Documented information that is retained as evidence of conformity and needs to be protected from alterations
  • Work orders you send to customers after completion
  • Production of goods and services where data integrity is key
  • And more....
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More than checkboxes

  • Checklists that capture data. Scan a barcode, complete a task, take a photo, and more ...
  • Improvement suggestion, defect or issue capture as a natural part of doing work.
  • Lists that allow you to track and use customers, suppliers, equipment, items and purchase orders in your checklists.
  • Data integrity and versioning built in so you never loose data when adjusting your templates.

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