We know what it feels like to perform a procedure only to later find out that you forgot something basic.

It can be costly and in some cases, even dangerous.

Documenting and running your procedures as repeatable and traceable checklists will take your mind of the obvious tasks and allows you focus on the most important parts of the process.

To run procedures efficiently, you should run them as repeatable and traceable checklists 

In our work with global and local companies in a wide array of industries, we’ve seen that gaining control and insight into processes is crucial to improving quality and efficiency.

If you ask us what they key to better procedures and processes is then we will tell you to create and maintain less documentation and focus on what brings value.

This is where using well defined checklists as a way to make procedures come alive comes in.

In our mind it is a much better way of handling repeatable procedures compared to following complex and overly detailed flowcharts. Flowcharts and process charts should visualize the high level perspective, but when it comes to doing the work - a checklist will outperform a flowchart every day of the week.

Less documentation and a focus on the important things is the key for better procedures

By running processes and procedures as checklists instead of creating flowcharts it becomes easier to identify the most valuable tasks and focus on them to deliver higher-quality results. And it's also a fully compliant way to handle things according to ISO 9001 when combined with out drag and drop no-code process chart builder.

But remember - the real value is created when you also start to catch errors, gather improvement opportunities or other important events in real time and actually feed those learnings back into your organization.

Plan, do, check and act. This is how you continuously improve.

Published by
Patrik Björklund
December 22, 2021

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