Easily follow procedure as an employee with just a few clicks

  • Step by Step checklists makes it easy to do things the right way
  • Report improvement opportunities or errors straight from the checklist to minimize friction of reporting
  • Access to individual steps in a checklist based on team assignment. Hide steps employees don't need to see.
  • Create recurring checklists for work that is done on a schedule over time

Follow up and track progress with real time reports

  • Both at a high and full detail level
  • Track and monitor progress of checklists with a real-time checklist report so you can reduce time spent on status checks and validations
  • Allow managers and supervisors to effectively monitor progress and issues to catch potential problems early
  • Inspect the details of a running checklist straight from the checklist report to gain insight into the details when required
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Create checklist templates and improvement forms without writing code

  • Create fully versioned checklist templates in minutes
  • Assign work to teams by running or scheduling checklists that will instantly appear for the right people
  • Collect the data you need with text, options, barcodes, tasks, photos, and more ...
  • Data integrity and template version management that prevents loss of previously registered data
  • Dedicated Microsoft Teams app so users never have to leave their most familiar tool

Make your workforce heard by collecting and acting on improvement opportunities

  • All users can easily report improvement suggestions, defects or other issues straight from the checklist they are working on
  • Managers get immediate e-mail notifications when issues are reported so errors don't go unnoticed
  • Improvement suggestion, defect or issue capture as a natural part of doing work.

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