Get proof that work has been done correctly and keep track of progress in real time.

Minimize training, errors and get proof that work is done the right way with digital checklists and forms.

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Spend less time monitoring

  • Create checklists that contains not just the what, but the how. Add descriptions as text or a photo to templates.
  • Require workers to take a photo of the end so that you can verify that work has been done correctly without physically being there.
  • Require that blockers are reported as defects or issues from employees. If there was a car blocking the driveway, prove it.
  • Use the checklist report to monitor task progress in real time

Get started quickly

  • Repeatable processes or Standard Operating Procedures (SOP:s)
  • Processes where mistakes are costly or dangerous
  • Software, machine, or property maintenance that requires a correct worklog
  • Documented information that is retained as evidence of conformity and needs to be protected from alterations
  • Work orders you send to customers after completion
  • Production of goods and services where data integrity is key
  • Continuous improvement at the core
  • And more....
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Run it as a checklist that will show up for each team when it's their turn to perform a step.
Create a checklist template defining what data to collect.
Track progress, issues, non-conformance and improvement suggestions.
Create new versions based on improvement opportunities. Repeat.

Getting started is easy

  • Create a checklist template
  • Add steps and assign teams that will work the step
  • Add tasks and what data you want to collect to the step
  • Run, schedule or set up a recurring series of the template
  • Track and monitor status, task completion and data collection
  • Get notified of reported improvement opportunities, non-conformities and defects
  • Act on improvements
  • Repeat

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