Release Notes 2024-01-08 to 2024-01-14

This past week, the AmpliFlow team has made several improvements and bug fixes to enhance your experience with our application. Our focus remains on ensuring the platform is intuitive, secure, and fully functional, helping you manage your workflows and processes with ease. Below is a summary of the key updates made to the AmpliFlow application.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Improved Process Visibility: We resolved an issue where the count of process charts was not displaying correctly for certain processes. Now, you can easily see how many process charts are associated with each of your processes, enabling better tracking and management.

Enhanced Draft Security: We addressed a concern where drafts were visible to users without the proper permission levels. Drafts will now only be visible to users with at least Goal.Editor permissions, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential during the drafting phase.

Refined User Experience: The "View as" filter functionality has been improved to work seamlessly across the entire page, including modals. This enhancement allows you to accurately preview the application as different teams, improving the management and accessibility of information.

Streamlined Checklist and Improvements Management: A bug that caused the "Add new Task" input to disappear when editing activities in Checklists and Improvements has been fixed. This update ensures a smoother workflow when managing tasks, preventing any interruptions in your activity planning.

Interactive Activity Usernames: We've made usernames clickable when viewing activities. This minor, yet impactful change, makes it easier to view user profiles and information directly from activity screens, fostering better collaboration and communication within teams.

Security and Stability Improvements: As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform, we've implemented several security enhancements. While the specifics are kept confidential to maintain the integrity of our security measures, rest assured that AmpliFlow is safer and more robust than ever.

These updates are a part of our continuous effort to enhance the AmpliFlow platform, addressing user feedback and ensuring a seamless experience for managing your workflows and processes. We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback, which are invaluable in our quest for constant improvement.

Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to make AmpliFlow the most user-friendly and efficient workflow management tool available.

Thank you for choosing AmpliFlow.

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