Release Notes 2023-12-18 to 2023-12-24

We are excited to announce a series of updates to the AmpliFlow application, designed to streamline your experience and improve the way you manage improvements within your organization. This week, we've made several enhancements that make it easier to navigate, understand, and complete various steps in the improvement process. Here's what's new:

Simplified Improvement Steps and Status Updates

Localized Step Names for Clarity: We have updated the step and button names in both Swedish and English to ensure they are more descriptive and intuitive. Steps like "Granska," "Analysera," and their English equivalents "Review," "Analyze," now come with clearer names and actions such as "Mark as reviewed" or "Mark as analyzed," making it easier to understand what each step entails and how to proceed.

Dynamic Status and Closure Options: The improvement process has been refined with updated filter options and closure reasons, available in both Swedish and English. Whether an improvement is "Registered," "Analysing," or "Closed," you'll find more descriptive closure reasons like "Resolved fully," "Resolved partially," or "Postponed." This update aims to provide more precise tracking and categorization of improvements.

Enhanced Closure Process: We've introduced a new closure reason, "Postponed," allowing for more flexibility in how improvements are managed and resolved. Additionally, improvements marked as "Resolved fully" will now automatically have all steps completed, streamlining the closure process.

Improvements to Forms and Steps

New Registration Step: A registration step has been added to the improvement forms, focusing solely on the description and impacted processes. This step is designed to capture essential information right at the beginning without requiring any immediate actions.

Comprehensive Activities for Each Step: Activities can now be added to the Closure, Actions, and Analysis steps, providing a way to report actions taken, such as with photos or task lists. This feature allows for a more detailed and documented improvement process.

Marking Steps as Done: Steps like Registration, Analysis, and Actions can now be marked as completed, offering a clear signal to all team members that the improvement is moving forward in its lifecycle.

Behind the Scenes

We've also made several security improvements and removed outdated features that no longer serve our users, ensuring a smoother and more secure experience with AmpliFlow.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to making AmpliFlow the most user-friendly and efficient improvement management tool for your organization. We believe these changes will significantly enhance your ability to track, manage, and implement improvements within your teams.

As always, we welcome your feedback and are here to support you in making the most of AmpliFlow.

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