Release Notes 2023-12-11 to 2023-12-17

We're excited to announce the latest updates to AmpliFlow, aimed at improving your experience and expanding functionality to make managing your workflows even more seamless. Our team has been working hard to address feedback and implement changes that matter most to our users. This week, we've focused on enhancing the sign-in process, providing better guidance for tenant administrators, and fixing a notable issue within our service activities options. Here's what's new:

Executive Overview

In our ongoing effort to streamline operations and enhance security, we've rolled out significant updates this week. Notably, we've made strides in simplifying the Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration process for tenant administrators and have improved the sign-in experience for users. Additionally, we've corrected a sorting issue within service activities, ensuring a more intuitive and efficient user interaction. These updates are part of our commitment to delivering a secure, user-friendly platform that meets the evolving needs of our community.

What's New

Enhanced Sign-In Experience

SSO Configuration Guide for Tenant Admins: We've introduced a comprehensive guide for tenant administrators on configuring SSO, making it easier for organizations to secure and streamline their sign-in processes. This guide offers step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth setup experience.

Improved AD App Consent Process: We've resolved an issue where users experienced redirections back to the login page under certain conditions during the consent process. Now, administrators can consent on behalf of their organization without any hiccups, enhancing the overall sign-in experience for everyone.

Service Activities Sorting Fixed

Corrected Sorting for Activities: A bug that caused the options in activities to display and save in an incorrect order has been fixed. Users can now expect their inputted options to render accurately, both when initially added and after any subsequent modifications, ensuring a more reliable and consistent user interaction.

Looking Forward

These updates mark another step forward in our commitment to providing a robust and user-centric platform. We're continually looking to improve AmpliFlow based on your feedback and the latest technology standards. Stay tuned for more enhancements in the future as we strive to support your success.

Thank you for choosing AmpliFlow. We're excited to see how these updates improve your workflow management. As always, we appreciate your feedback and are here to support you in making the most of AmpliFlow.

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