Release Notes 2023-11-20 to 2023-11-26

We are excited to share the latest updates to AmpliFlow that have been deployed over the last week. These enhancements are designed to improve your experience and streamline your workflows within the application. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and how these changes can benefit you.

Enhancements and New Features

Improved Navigation for Collapsible Groups: Collapsible groups within the "View as" option are now expanded by default, making it easier for you to view all the information at a glance without additional clicks.

Checklist Enhancements: We've introduced a more user-friendly approach to checklists. Now, when you encounter an empty checklist, you'll be greeted with a clear and informative message, guiding you on the next steps or encouraging the creation of checklist items. This change aims to streamline your workflow and ensure you're never lost in what to do next.

Easier Access to Support: Finding help is now just a click away with the addition of a support link in the menu footer. Depending on your location, the link will direct you to the appropriate support page, ensuring you get the help you need, when you need it.

Flexibility in Position Scheduling: You can now schedule positions to start in the future, offering you more flexibility in planning and managing your team’s workload.

Improved Task Interaction: The ability to drag and select text in tasks has been restored, making it easier to edit, copy, and manage your task descriptions.

Locale-Specific Fixes: We've addressed an issue affecting the saving of positions in user forms for certain locales. This fix ensures that all users, regardless of their location, can seamlessly add or edit positions without encountering issues.

Stability Improvements: Users of and other specific tenants will experience enhanced application stability, with fixes implemented to resolve issues causing blank screens in certain scenarios.

Template Selection: We’ve fixed an issue that prevented the selection of templates, ensuring a smoother workflow when utilizing templates for your tasks and projects.

Search Functionality in Improvements: The search filter within the improvements section is now fully functional, making it easier to find specific entries and streamline your workflow.

Task Management Enhancements: Sorting tasks within a checklist is now possible, allowing for better organization and prioritization of your tasks.

Task Completion Accuracy: We've corrected an issue where selecting a checkbox incorrectly marked unrelated tasks as completed, ensuring that only the intended task is affected by your action.

Data Import and Permissions: The release of basic import functionality and custom list permissions marks a significant enhancement in how data can be imported and managed within AmpliFlow, offering you greater control and efficiency.

Application Stability and Performance: Several updates have been made to improve the stability and performance of the application, including adjustments to our infrastructure to support these enhancements.

Security and Privacy

As part of our ongoing commitment to security and privacy, this update includes several security improvements. While specifics are not disclosed, these enhancements are part of our continuous effort to keep your data safe and secure.


This week's updates to AmpliFlow are all about making your experience smoother, more intuitive, and more efficient. From enhanced navigation and task management to improved support access and security measures, we are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to succeed. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing you even more improvements in the future.

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