Release Notes 2023-11-13 to 2023-11-19

We’re excited to share the latest updates to AmpliFlow, designed to make managing your projects and tasks smoother and more intuitive. This week, we've focused on improving the overall user experience by refining features, addressing user feedback, and ensuring that your workflow is as seamless as possible. Here’s what’s new in AmpliFlow:

Goal Management Enhancements

Subgoal Linking: When adding a subgoal to an existing goal, it will now correctly save as a subgoal, maintaining the intended structure of your objectives. This fix ensures that your goals hierarchy is preserved and accurately represented.

Goal Relationships Visibility: Viewing a sub-goal now clearly shows which primary goal it belongs to, including all the parent goals. This new visibility helps in understanding the interconnectedness of your goals and streamlines managing complex projects.

Interface and Design Improvements

Updated Drag Handle Design: We’ve refined the drag handle design for tasks in measurements to reduce visual clutter, making it more user-friendly while maintaining functionality.

Optimized Goal Listing Page: The goal listing page now better utilizes screen space, especially on popular resolutions, ensuring a more comfortable viewing experience without unnecessary whitespace.

Security and Accessibility

As part of our ongoing commitment to security and privacy, this update includes several security improvements. Rest assured, your projects and data are protected with the latest standards.

Additional Fixes and Enhancements

Custom List Item Fix: An issue with custom list items not displaying correctly has been resolved, ensuring all elements within your lists are properly formatted and visible.
Measurement and Goal Name Visibility: Enhanced privacy controls now hide measurement and goal names in tasks from users without access, ensuring sensitive information is safeguarded.
Checklist History Accessibility: Accessing the history for finalized checklists is now possible, allowing for a comprehensive review of all checklist modifications and updates.

Thank you for choosing AmpliFlow. We are committed to continuously improving our platform to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to make AmpliFlow the best project management tool for you.

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