Release Notes 2023-10-16 to 2023-10-22

We're excited to share the latest updates to AmpliFlow, aimed at enhancing your experience and productivity. This past week, our team focused on refining features, fixing bugs, and improving the overall performance of AmpliFlow. Here's what's new for you:

Enhanced Goal Setting and Tracking

We've made improvements to our goal-setting functionality, particularly with subgoals. Now, setting and tracking your goals within AmpliFlow is more intuitive and efficient, helping you stay on top of your objectives with ease.

Streamlined Data Management

Importing data into custom lists just got easier! You can now seamlessly import data into any custom list you've created, such as "Features," without any hassle. This update streamlines the process, making it quicker for you to organize and manage your information.

Improved Task Management

We've fixed an issue with the sorting of tasks on the /tasks page. Now, uncompleted tasks will always appear before completed ones, ensuring that you won't miss any important tasks. This update aims to help you better prioritize your workload and stay productive.

Enhanced User Experience

We addressed a bug where the language selection on the login box was not working correctly. Regardless of the language selected, the interface now accurately reflects your choice, ensuring a smoother and more personalized experience when you log in to AmpliFlow.

Behind the Scenes

Although not directly visible, we've made several performance improvements and security enhancements. These changes contribute to a faster, more secure AmpliFlow, ensuring that your work flows smoothly and securely.

We're committed to continually improving AmpliFlow to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Thank you for your continued support and feedback, which helps us make AmpliFlow better for you. Stay tuned for more updates!

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