Release Notes 2023-10-09 to 2023-10-15

This past week, our team has been dedicated to enhancing the AmpliFlow application to make your experience smoother, more intuitive, and secure. Our latest updates focus on improving how you interact with the application and ensuring that your work flows more seamlessly than ever before. Here's what's new in AmpliFlow:

Executive Overview

In our continuous effort to refine AmpliFlow and respond to the needs of our users, we've introduced several key updates. From automating quality assurance processes to refining user interactions, these changes are designed to streamline your tasks and enhance your overall experience. Security remains a top priority, and this update includes further improvements to keep your data safe.

Enhanced Automation for Quality Assurance

Automated Industry Creation and Verification: We've simplified the process of creating customer industries within AmpliFlow, allowing for automatic verification of these industries. This means less manual input from you and more accuracy in the data you rely on.

Streamlined Checklist Management: Creating and managing checklists has never been easier. With our new automation features, you can now use an API key to create a checklist template, select it for use, and run through the checklist with ease. This update ensures that you spend less time setting up and more time accomplishing your tasks.

Improved Task Management

We've addressed an issue where task lists without any input actions were causing confusion. Now, AmpliFlow ensures that every task list is actionable and clear, making your project management smoother and more efficient.

Streamlined Customer Requirements

To help you better manage customer requirements, we've fixed a dependency issue that was making this task more complicated than necessary. With this update, tracking and fulfilling customer requirements is more straightforward, allowing you to focus on delivering value.

Security and Performance Improvements

As part of our commitment to keeping your data and workflow secure, we've implemented additional security enhancements. While the details are technical, the benefit to you is a more secure environment for your work.

Performance improvements have also been made across the application, ensuring that AmpliFlow is faster and more reliable, helping you to get your work done without unnecessary delays.


Our goal at AmpliFlow is to provide you with an application that not only meets your needs but does so in a way that is intuitive, efficient, and secure. This week's updates are a reflection of our commitment to this goal. We hope you find these improvements beneficial to your workflow and look forward to your feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance AmpliFlow to serve you better.

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