Release Notes 2023-09-04 to 2023-09-10

In our continuous effort to enhance your experience and streamline your goal management process, we've made several updates to the AmpliFlow app. This week, we've focused on refining functionalities and fixing bugs to ensure a smoother, more efficient workflow for you. Here's what's new:

Executive Overview

Our latest updates aim to simplify the way you set, track, and achieve your goals within AmpliFlow. We've introduced new features and made adjustments to existing ones, based on your feedback and our commitment to improving user experience. These changes are designed to make goal management more intuitive, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - achieving your objectives.

What's New:

Completion Status for Goals: We've added a "Completed" status for goals, enabling you to clearly mark your achievements and keep track of completed objectives.

Improved Goal Formatting: Resolved a formatting issue affecting goals with long measurement names or percentage values, ensuring that your goal information is displayed clearly and correctly.

Streamlined Goal Viewing: The sub-goals box will now only appear in edit mode when viewing a goal without any sub-goals, making for a cleaner and more focused viewing experience.

Pre-selected "On Track" Status: To save you time and clicks, the "On Track" status will now be automatically pre-selected when you add a new goal or measurement, assuming that most new entries are on track upon creation.

Enhanced Task Management: We've fixed an issue where saving changes after adding tasks to a measurement's action plan triggered an unnecessary "unsaved changes" warning. Additionally, completing a task from a measurement action plan will now correctly place it at the top of the completed tasks list, making it easier to see what you've accomplished.

Measurement Descriptions: You can now add descriptions to your measurements, offering a space to clarify objectives or note calculation methods, ensuring everyone involved has the information they need to contribute effectively.

Easier Measurement Addition: Adding measurements to a goal in view mode has been simplified. If a goal has no measurements, you can now add them directly without switching to edit mode, streamlining the process of building out your goal details.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to improving your AmpliFlow experience. We believe these changes will make managing your goals more straightforward and enjoyable. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing you even more enhancements in the future.

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