Release Notes 2023-08-28 to 2023-09-03

We're excited to share the latest updates to AmpliFlow, designed to enhance your experience and make achieving your goals easier and more intuitive. Our recent changes focus on making goal management more flexible, improving data visualization, and streamlining task management for a smoother, more efficient workflow. Here's what's new:

Executive Overview

This week's release brings a host of improvements aimed at empowering users to better track, manage, and achieve their goals. We've made significant enhancements to the goal-setting process, introduced new ways to visualize progress, and improved the overall usability of the AmpliFlow application. Our focus remains on providing users with the tools they need to succeed, in an easy-to-use and streamlined interface.

What's New in AmpliFlow:

Goal Management Enhancements

When creating goals and measurements, the creator will automatically be assigned as the responsible party, ensuring accountability and clarity from the start. This assignment can easily be changed to delegate responsibility as needed.

Goals become visible to the team as soon as they are saved and assigned, making collaboration simpler and more transparent.

Adding sub-goals to main goals is now possible, allowing for more detailed and structured goal planning. Similarly, measurements can be added to goals to quantify progress.

Users can now attach action plans to measurements, either as text fields or as links to tasks in external systems, providing a clear roadmap to success.

Prioritize your goals more effectively with the introduction of a severity matrix, helping your team focus on what matters most.

Data Visualization and Reporting

View your progress over time with new graph and table options for measurements, giving you a clearer picture of how you're advancing towards your goals.

Adding new progress data to measurements is now more intuitive, with the ability to manually select report dates for greater accuracy in tracking.

We've clarified the difference between having no measurements and a progress of 0%, ensuring users have a precise understanding of their status.

Usability Improvements

Organize and navigate through your goals with ease using the new tree structure view, making it simpler to see how everything fits together.

Adding and updating tasks can now be done directly in view mode, streamlining task management without the need to switch contexts.

Owners can now import positions and competencies using an excel template, saving time and reducing manual entry errors.

Additional Updates

We've fixed several bugs, including issues with form versioning and measurement status options, enhancing the reliability and performance of AmpliFlow.

As always, we've made behind-the-scenes security improvements to keep your data safe and secure.

At AmpliFlow, we're continuously working to improve your experience and help you achieve your goals more efficiently. We hope these updates make managing your tasks and goals even more effortless. Stay tuned for more enhancements coming your way!

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