Release Notes 2023-06-19 to 2023-06-25

We're excited to announce the latest updates to AmpliFlow, designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflows. Our latest release focuses on improving usability, fixing known issues, and introducing new features to help you manage your projects and KPIs more effectively. Here's what's new:

Enhanced Usability and Interface Improvements

We've fixed an issue where the menu was overlapping modals, ensuring a smoother navigation experience throughout the application.

Editing and managing your KPIs has never been easier. You can now edit targets for existing KPIs with greater ease, ensuring your team's goals are always up to date.

Archiving KPIs is now more intuitive, allowing you to better organize and focus on current objectives.

Viewing your KPIs on the /kpi page is now more informative, with enhanced listings that provide a clearer overview of your performance metrics.

Performance and Functionality Enhancements

We addressed a bug related to deleting attachments, ensuring a smoother user experience.
Publishing new versions of templates and managing environmental aspects through the UI has been optimized for better performance.
The issue with staff appraisals has been fixed, ensuring accurate and reliable performance evaluations.
Custom lists and dropdown inputs now function more reliably, removing previously encountered issues when editing custom list items.

Security and Stability

As part of our ongoing commitment to security and privacy, this release includes various security enhancements to protect your data and ensure the integrity of the AmpliFlow platform.

Key Benefits for End Users

With improvements to the user interface and navigation, managing your projects and KPIs is faster and more intuitive.

Bug fixes and performance improvements mean you can rely on AmpliFlow for your daily operations without encountering disruptive issues.

Our latest security improvements mean you can have peace of mind knowing your data is protected with the latest standards.

We're constantly working to improve AmpliFlow based on your feedback. Please continue to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. For a detailed walkthrough of these updates or any assistance, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing AmpliFlow. We look forward to helping you achieve even greater success with your projects!

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