Release Notes 2023-06-05 to 2023-06-11

This past week, our team at AmpliFlow has been dedicated to enhancing your experience and making our application more intuitive and user-friendly. We're excited to share with you several updates and improvements that have been implemented, all designed to streamline your workflows and make managing your projects smoother and more efficient. Here's what's new in AmpliFlow:

Enhancements and New Features:

Image Pasting in WebCamModal: We've made sharing images easier! Now, when you're in any session that uses the WebCamModal component, pasting an image will automatically share it across all instances. This means less hassle and more seamless communication in your team collaborations.

Improved Stakeholder Management: For those of you involved in managing stakeholders, we've introduced a smoother experience. From creating to updating stakeholders, our automated processes ensure that managing stakeholder information is a breeze, making your administrative tasks more efficient.

Supplier Modal Update: We've fixed an issue where footer buttons in the new supplier modal weren't displayed correctly. Now, you can enjoy a cleaner interface and a more straightforward process when adding new suppliers.

Custom Lists and Tracking Enhancements: Tracking your custom list activities just got easier! We've introduced a feature that allows you to track active and finalized checklists for custom list items, giving you better oversight and control over your workflows. Plus, we've addressed and fixed a minor bug related to checklist modal displays.

Process Chart Clarity: In our continuous effort to provide clear and concise visuals, we've addressed a bug in the PageWrapper component of our Process Chart, ensuring that your process flows are displayed flawlessly.

Improvement Dashboard Interaction: Interacting with the improvement dashboard is now more intuitive. Clicking on the barchart directly opens the improvement listing modal, making it quicker for you to view and analyze your data.

Enhanced Search Functionality in Checklists: We've resolved an issue where the search bar in the improvements form of checklists was returning an error. Now, searching within your checklists is smooth and error-free, allowing for a more efficient data retrieval process.

User Interface Improvements: Several UI enhancements have been implemented across the board to ensure a more pleasant and intuitive user experience. This includes sorting options in dropdown menus and updates to the text in the Stakeholders page for better clarity.

Custom List Bug Fixes: We've tackled a batch of bugs related to custom lists, improving the functionality and user experience when working with custom list activities and tasks.

Security and Performance:

Security Enhancements: Your security is our top priority. This week, we've made several behind-the-scenes security improvements to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

Performance Optimizations: We're continuously working on making AmpliFlow faster and more reliable. This update includes performance tweaks that enhance the overall responsiveness of the application.


At AmpliFlow, we're committed to providing you with tools that not only meet but exceed your expectations. These updates reflect our ongoing efforts to improve your user experience, streamline your workflows, and secure your data. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements and look forward to your feedback.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Thank you for choosing AmpliFlow.

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