Release Notes 2023-04-24 to 2023-04-30

We're committed to making AmpliFlow more intuitive, secure, and user-friendly with each update. This week, we've focused on enhancing the overall experience by addressing key issues to streamline your workflow and ensure data integrity. Here's a summary of the latest improvements.

What's New in AmpliFlow:

Enhanced Barcode Validation: We've improved how AmpliFlow handles barcode values. Now, you can rest assured that only valid barcodes can be associated with improvements, reducing errors and saving you time during data entry.

Improved Team Selector Functionality: Finding and selecting teams just got easier! The team selector dropdown is now sorted alphabetically, and we've introduced a search function so you can quickly locate the team you're looking for. This update is designed to enhance your navigation experience within AmpliFlow, making team management more efficient.

Fix for Unsaved Changes Notification on Template Edit: We've resolved an issue where unsaved changes were incorrectly flagged on template edits. Now, you can confidently make changes to your templates, knowing that your edits are saved correctly and that any unsaved changes will be accurately alerted, ensuring your work is never lost.

Role Requirements for Customer List Edits: To further secure customer data and ensure only authorized users can make edits, we've implemented role requirements for editing the customer list. This update enhances security and control over who can modify customer information, safeguarding your valuable data.

Security and Performance Improvements

In addition to these changes, we've made several under-the-hood security improvements and performance optimizations to keep AmpliFlow running smoothly and securely. While these updates may not be immediately noticeable, they're crucial for providing a reliable and efficient experience.

Coming Up

We're continually working to improve AmpliFlow based on your feedback. Stay tuned for future updates as we enhance functionality, usability, and security.

Thank you for choosing AmpliFlow. We're excited to support your success with these latest updates!

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