Release Notes 2023-04-17 to 2023-04-23

We're excited to announce the latest updates to AmpliFlow, designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflows. Our team has been hard at work addressing feedback and making improvements to ensure AmpliFlow is more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable to use. Below, find a summary of the recent changes that we believe will make a significant difference in your daily operations.

What's New

Improved Text Input Experience on iOS

We've eliminated an issue where text inputs caused an unintended zoom of the user interface on iOS devices. Now, when you're entering information on your iPhone or iPad, your screen will stay stable, making for a smoother and more predictable typing experience.

Enhanced Checklist Functionality

We've fixed a bug where updating a checklist inaccurately displayed the total number of steps. Now, only the steps relevant to you will be shown, making it easier to track your progress without confusion.

Typo Corrections

A typo in the "Unarchive this area?" prompt within the positions page has been corrected. This change ensures clarity and consistency across our platform, aiding in better understanding and navigation.

Improvements in Image Handling in Improvements Section

Previously, pasting an image from the clipboard into the Improvements section would replicate the same image across all screenshots. We've addressed this issue, allowing for the correct, individual images to be pasted as intended. This enhancement streamlines the process of adding visual data to your improvements, making it more efficient and less error-prone.

Clipboard Functionality in Teams Integration

For users accessing AmpliFlow through Teams, we've disabled the clipboard paste option due to incompatibility. A helpful tooltip now advises users to open AmpliFlow in a browser for full functionality, ensuring a smoother workflow and preventing confusion.

Checklist Scheduling Accuracy

We've resolved an issue where new checklists were scheduled with incorrect end times due to daylight saving time calculations. Checklists will now accurately reflect the intended end time, ensuring better planning and time management.

Improved Sorting for Swedish Characters

Sorting functionality has been updated to correctly handle Swedish characters. This fix will improve the usability for our Swedish-speaking users, ensuring that sorting actions perform as expected.

Run Checklist Page Availability

We've fixed a bug where the Run Checklist page was not appearing as intended. Users can now seamlessly access this page, ensuring that checklist operations run smoothly and without interruption.

Loading State for Large Images

To improve the user experience, we have introduced a loading state when large images are being loaded in templates and checklists. This update provides visual feedback during loading, making it clear when content is still being processed.

Our Commitment

These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to improving AmpliFlow based on your feedback. We're dedicated to providing a tool that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for managing workflows and processes. Thank you for being a part of the AmpliFlow community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance AmpliFlow to suit your needs.

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